Yanko Bonev was born on the 7th of June 1945 in Russe. In 1975 finishes the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia with ceramics and starts to work monumental sculpture. The author's favourite material is bronze. Throughout the years he takes part in National exhibitions and some of his sculptures are in private collections.

His art works and realized projects can be seen in different Cities over the territory of Bulgaria. Central square of Dobrich, the fountain in the centre of Blagoevgrad, a fountain on the central square in Russe, artworks at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia and many others. The author is also experienced in the exterior and interior design of public buildings (office buildings, banks, hotels, etc.).

His name is listed in the Bulgarian Encyclopedia of Monumental Arts.

In September 2005 he opened his first sculpture exhibition "Out of seasons" in the SIBANK Gallery in Sofia with 27 sculptures in bronze and stone.